Trai's Original

Wall Portraits

Garry (Daddy Reid) and I, have always encouraged all of our children to be entrepreneurs. Let's be honest, what parent doesn't want to feel proud knowing your 11 year old has his own money to spend in Kroger! Let's be clear; when a child asks me for a candy bar at check out, I typically say, “Do you have candy bar money?” All these types of reminders I put into place to ensure that our children are aware that things cost, become obsolete when they bring their own money to the store!! Amen somebody.


We sat down with each child and discussed their interests and talents. Each child was asked the same question, “What do you have to offer the world and what talents do you think you could monetize?” Our oldest son Garry (after asking us to define the word monetize) decided to dive into candle making originally. He did that for a while, traveling to vending events with me and setting up his candles to sell. After some trial and error, soul searching and analyzing his profit margins he decided that he was most passionate about painting.  Pour art was his next venture. Lets just say he found his niche!  Garry’s pour art canvases are totally amazing, made solely by him, and customizable.. If you don’t see the colors you would like to match your interior,email me your color palette choices and he'll create a custom piece of pour art to add flair to any space you choose to put it in.  


Our hope as parents is that our children learn the value of a dollar, and the value of saving that dollar for a bigger purpose like college or a car. Please stay posted as our other 3 children develop their talents and skills and find their personal money making niche as well.