Schedule a braid party. 


Have you ever really calculated the amount of money you spend each month paying someone else to braid your child’s or your own hair? If you are one of these people, I have the answer!! You can save money by learning this culturally rich tradition yourself.  Let's learn together. Dads and teens are encouraged to participate.  Invite your friends over and host a braid party. I will come to you and teach you and your guests how to braid. Make sure you have your practice partner ready to go!  All braid parties can include an add on for an additional fee! So if you want a braid class that also includes natural hair information or a DIY on hair products please let me know. My classes can be totally customizable to meet the needs of you and guests. Class durations will vary based on attendance.  Virtual classes also available.

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Class Time:

1 hr for 6 people and below

1 ½ hr for  8-10 people

1 hr. Natural hair class (includes head wrapping tutorials and practice)

1 hr. DIY hair products class (every participant will leave with a container of his/her own creation for personal use)


$50 ($25 per person)

$20 per person

$30 person